Private Hvar Wine Tasting Tour

Grad Hvar 2-16 osoba 3 Sati ID: HV-TR-354

Cijene od: 110.00 € / osoba

Private Hvar Wine Tasting Tour

So, you wake up, you breathe in the fresh Hvar air and you decide that in half a day, you would like to become “sommelier” of Hvar? Our half-day wine tour will take you on a journey through centuries of vineyards of Hvar, with your expert local guide bringing the wines to life and unraveling Hvar wine story. Ok, maybe we cannot promise you that you will become a sommelier but we can promise you that you will have a great wine experience.

We will start our journey in Hvar and start with a drive through the island inland. We will pass through old villages Brusje and Velo Grablje and through many Lavender Fields. Stop, breathe, enjoy. Put stress in distress. Continuing this stress-free sightseeing we come towards di Ager (Hora) - protected field, one of Greek culture masterpieces which remained almost intact during a period of 2400 years.

The best part begins in Jelsa, where two specially chosen wineries are waiting for you. First, we are taking you back to the roots. To pure living tradition - Duboković winery. Awarded red wines, cult Croatian wine Medvid, Before 6009 years, 2718 hours of sun in a bottle, cheese, bread - all that in an intimate candle lit cellar of winemakers family house - pure heaven or to say wine heaven. Besides all this in Duboković winery you will be able to enjoy in his own produced macerated olive oils. Try basil or sage flavoured olive oil and decide to move to Hvar permanently. If this is not possible, you can buy wines or olive oils to take with you as a memory to enjoy in coldish autumn nights.

Second winery is Bastijana Tomić, modern, famous for good reason not only in Hvar, but in whole Croatia and beyond. A sightseeing tour around the winery is included in order to provide you with a complete experience and understanding of the winemaking process. Wine tasting includes 4 wine courses specially paired with accompanying food: prosciutto, cheese and other lovely gastronomic surprises. One of the wines included in the tasting is their pride product, prošek, the authentic Dalmatian desert wine made from selected grapes of local varieties like Plavac Mali, Bogdanuša, Maraština etc…

Go home from your vacation and decide to take some of the sweet Mediterranean lifestyle with you. We will do our best that you have such a good time that next time you’re in Hvar you wish join us again.


PRICE: 110 EUR per person

DURATION: 3 hours

TOUR TYPE: Group, Gastronomy

WHAT IS INCLUDED: pick up and drop off at your accommodation, all transportations in luxury SUV or comfortable air con Van, guide/driver, 3 hour guided sightseeing tour as described above, wine tasting in 1 selected winery.