Pješačka tura prirodom otoka Hvara

Velo Grablje 2-6 osoba ID: HV-TR-308

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Pješačka tura prirodom otoka Hvara

Hiking the Island's Trekking Paths - Hvar Guided Offroad Tour

This guided Offroad Tour starts in front of the Tourist Board Agency (in Jelsa, Stari Grad or Hvar- depends where are you situated) or at a spot nearest to your accommodation, and goes through the hills and valleys of nature.

In this special day tour you will be introduced in short lines to the historical, cultural and living background of the municipality as well as the Island. You will pass through the vineyards, olive gardens, lavender fields and learn something about the UNESCO heritage of the island.

What do you need?
- Comfortable walking closed shoes, if possible
- Hat and sunscreen

Duration of the tour is between 3 and 4 hours. Lenght of the walk is approximately 5 km and terrain is downhill most of the time.

Departure time (our recommendation, because of the sun):
- around 07:30 am or 08:00 am (for morning tours)
- around 16:00 pm or 16:30 pm (for afternoon tours)
- or as agreed

Welcome to Natural Hvar!

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