Flyboard Hvar

Grad Hvar 1-1 osoba ID: HV-TR-305

Cijene od: 80.00 € / osoba

Flyboard Hvar

Flyboard Hvar - Make the most of your summer

If you want to experience the feeling of flying like Iron Man or swimming like a dolphin then flyboarding is the perfect thing for You. Flyboarding is for everyone! It’s easy to learn and we guarantee everyone will fly in 10 minutes... You don't need any experience, we will help guide You one-on-one during your entire session! Great memories and photos guaranteed!

Flyboard is a water jet pack that is attached to Your feet! Surf the sky! Swim like a dolphin! This awesome jetpack like device bolts onto the powerful motor of a jet ski, then directs the gushing water through a long hose that connects to a pair of jet boots. The arrangement lets You fly, Iron Man style! Flyboard is an amphibious water-powered jet pack that propels You into the sky or underwater!

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